Global Medical Conexions (GMCx) is the leading global healthcare network designed to meet the needs of the group health market. We offer employers, associations and individuals the opportunity to reduce the cost of medical and dental procedures, while enhancing member experience, and broadening their healthcare options.

GMCx offers clients an International Select Provider Organization (ISPO) consisting of premiere, accredited health care facilities located around the globe. Clients have access to highly qualified doctors and state-of-the-art hospitals, a wide range of procedures, choice of providers, first-class accommodations, and comprehensive customer service for the ultimate care experience.

Our Passport for Health division provides a seamless patient experience for both medically necessary and elective procedures, assisting with and overseeing all aspects of the process from the medical to the logistical. Our full service model assists members in making an informed choice and facilitates the delivery of medical services. Our objective is to offer consumers an alternative to the high-cost of procedures commonly available in the United States, and to provide an exemplary level of care and quality.