Within the burgeoning field of global healthcare, it is understandably difficult to determine the quality of the various providers. At Global Medical Conexions, we stand above and beyond our competition in several respects.

Global Medical Conexions: Key Differences

Our guiding principle is to provide a level of service and standard of care that we would want for our family members and ourselves. Our International Select Provider Organization (® ISPO) offers our partners and members three fundamental things: the highest quality care, from the best choices, at the best value.  Listed below are other key differentiators.

•   A focus on quality before price. One thing that separates us from our competitors is the method by which we’ve developed our network. We understand that some people may feel uneasy about traveling abroad for treatment, which is why our primary goal is to offer the most professional, quality medical care available worldwide. While others might focus on obtaining the lowest price for any given procedure, we choose to ensure the best experience for our members. As such, we have carefully selected a network of locations in politically stable, westernized countries that welcome American travelers.

•   Technologically advanced health care. Our hospitals are reputed to be some of the most cutting-edge health centers worldwide, where patient travelers receive a standard of care that is equal to or better than what they might experience here in the United States. For example, the world-renowned Hadassah Medical Center in Tel Aviv, Israel.

•   A broad range of procedures. Unlike some of our competitors, we’re able to offer almost any medically necessary or elective procedure, limited only by doctor approval and ability to travel. Also, access to elective procedures comes standard with membership.

•   Full service organization. Most importantly, GMCx oversees and manages every aspect of the experience. Our representatives counsel every member on location selection and provide pre-travel education, our concierge providers are located on-site to offer assistance, and our staff handle the medical records transfer and post-operative follow-up care. All the patient traveler needs to focus on is his or her health and well-being,

•   Ability to interface with insurance companies. Another key differentiator is our in-depth knowledge of the group health market, including HMO’s, reinsurance, employer stop-loss, limited medical, and excess risk insurance. We not only have the ability to interface seamlessly with more complex risk models, but also to develop unique products to meet the individual needs of our member groups.

•   Ancillary products to ease travel concerns. We offer a suite of complementary insurance products to both the member and the group policy holder. For the potential patient traveler, this includes several options for travel insurance and travel assistance coverage. Additionally, our employer and association groups have the option to purchase a warranty product which insures against the possibility of recidivism. If a procedure-related complication arises upon return, all additional medical costs are covered. These products not only provide peace of mind, but ensure personal safety and monetary reimbursement.

•   No cost for membership. We understand that the current state of the economy has made it difficult for some individuals, employer groups, and others to afford quality health care. Even a nominal monthly fee can prevent some from considering the addition of a new health benefit. We so strongly believe in the benefits, and potential cost savings, of medical travel that we have decided to provide network membership for free.

•   Value-added member services. The benefits of membership not only include access to our comprehensive worldwide medical network, but current and relevant information on international health care and innovative medical technologies. Once enrolled, a member will receive periodic communications on topics of his or her choice. This may include an informative article on a destination he or she would like to visit, or excerpts from a study on a cutting-edge procedure available at one of our medical centers. We are not simply a network of hospitals, but a resource for those who are interested in making informed healthcare decisions, and choosing the best possible care available.