GMCx is the only global healthcare network designed to meet the needs of the group health market. Our executive team has years of experience in the field of health insurance. Our in-depth knowledge of the business, its components, and people has allowed us to develop a product specifically aligned to meet the needs of the group health market. This includes: experience with new product development; knowledge of Third Party Administrators (TPA) procedures, including plan amendments and pay procedures; an understanding of group stop-loss, limited medical, short-term medical, and medical travel products; and an understanding of voluntary group and elective procedure requirements.

We have designed enrollment forms, educational materials and member information which meet the standard administrator format. We’ve partnered with an established case manager, that interfaces seamlessly with TPAs, provides 24/7 medical clinician consultation, manages medical records transfer and follow-up care. GMCx will guide the benefit implementation and claims process for a seamless experience.

Working closely with insurance companies, GMCx provides significant value to the self-insured community by providing comprehensive global healthcare packages that are expertly managed from end-to-end, beginning with treatment planning and transferring medical documents, to arranging all aspects of accommodation, travel, medical care at the destination country, and even post-treatment holiday arrangements.